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July 2, 2013 /

Patsy & Zach's Destination Wedding in Jamaica!


Negril, Jamaica is a special place for me and hubby Danny. It is where we honeymooned just 2 years ago, and it felt like only yesterday we were laying on the beach with our butler serving us cocktails. When Patsy contacted me last year about her Jamaican wedding, to say I was thrilled was an understatement. When I discovered their wedding would be at Beaches Negril (sister to Sandals Negril where we honeymooned) I was ecstatic! So of course, Danny said he wouldn’t mind being my assistant for this gig ;)

We encountered quite a few roadblocks during our travel, though. Delayed flights, changing planes, and inevitably missing my scheduled meeting with Patsy and Zach for the evening we arrived since we got in much later than expected (those things stress me out!). The next morning, we found an adorable bakery “Cafe de Paris” (foreshadowing of our next destination? I think so!) and as I walked by this adorable and attractive couple, I realized I recognized the gorgeous face from a Skype meeting belonging to Patsy! Attractive is the understatement of the century for Patsy and Zach. Not only are they incredibly good-looking, but they are just as gorgeous INSIDE as out. The 4 of us immediately hit it off and were laughing quite a bit (especially when it came to discussing Danny’s insistence on taking care of the “topless women” that might linger in the background of photos). Soon enough, the wedding day came and everything was picture perfect. The color palette of blush and gold was impeccable, the dresses stunning, the ceremony breathtaking. The girls feet were adorned with handmade jewelry by Patsy, with the perfect amount of sparkle. The invitations were rich and beautiful. The gifts they exchanged, so thoughtful. And the family? SO FUN! After the ceremony and photo op, the reception on the boat began. And my dramamine was intelligently left in the room. Insert dramatic music here. I get car sick at the drop of a dime, so getting seasick was almost a given. I told Danny that morning I could not eat anything because the food wasn’t agreeing with me. That was super smart, since we were in extreme heat and sweating our buns off all day. Half way through the reception, I started feeling really woozy when we went to Rick’s Cafe to watch cliff jumpers where the water gets really rough. Needless to say, Danny the assistant extraordinaire stepped up to the plate to get the last few moments I couldn’t capture myself (which included Patsy’s Mom jumping overboard into the ocean!)

I cannot WAIT to share their following Trash the Dress session the next day! Gorgeous, beautiful, breathtaking, …. I need more adjectives….

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LOL! LOVE that last shot! So fun. I also love the backlight pics of the bridal party. Amaze

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