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July 16, 2013 /

Anahit & Hayk's Destination Wedding in PARIS!


What does a photographer do when they receive an email inquiring for engagement photos only since they are getting married in PARIS? Well by golly, they tell them they travel!. I started the destination wedding side to my business 3 years ago so when Anahit emailed me last year I was head over heels in love. Not only did she stand up in a wedding I photographed so we were already familiar with each other, but I also quickly became friends with that bride who I have now worked with on several projects since she does makeup (does Liana from The Makeup Therapist sound familiar?) It almost seemed too good to be true. And let’s not forget that Anahit AND Hayk both caught the bouquet AND garter at Liana’s wedding! Hello, perfect! Quickly, Anahit and I began emailing furiously back and forth chatting about all of the excitement about a wedding in the French countryside in a CASTLE and a day after session around the city (I SO cannot wait to share THOSE amazing day after photos — they are incredible!). Before I knew it, my first trip to Paris was here! Taking my assistant extraordinaire (my husband!) on our first European adventure together was amazing. We visited Chateaus, dined with the locals, visited the Arc de Triomphe (holy stairs!), Notre Dame, the Louvre, la tour Eiffel, cruised the Seine river, took a romantic horse and carriage ride through Champs-Elysees, and were pretty much in complete awe the entire trip. After a week of tours, our wedding weekend approached and I was THRILLED. I mean, c’mon LOOK. There’s not much more to be said about a reception at Chateau d’Esclimont!

2013-07-15_0001 2013-07-15_0002 2013-07-15_0003 2013-07-15_0004 2013-07-15_0005 2013-07-15_0006 2013-07-15_0007 2013-07-15_0008 2013-07-15_0009 2013-07-15_0010 2013-07-15_0011 2013-07-15_0012 2013-07-15_0013 2013-07-15_0014 2013-07-15_0015 2013-07-15_0016 2013-07-15_0017 2013-07-15_0018 2013-07-15_0019 2013-07-15_0020 2013-07-15_0021 2013-07-15_0022 2013-07-15_0023 2013-07-15_0024 2013-07-15_0025 2013-07-15_0026 2013-07-15_0027 2013-07-15_0028 2013-07-15_0029 2013-07-15_0030 2013-07-15_0031 2013-07-15_0032 2013-07-15_0033 2013-07-15_0034 2013-07-15_0035Stay tuned for the incredible Part II, the day after session in PARIS! xoxo


Absolutely beautiful! I love the bridesmaids dresses, and the bride and groom look so blissfully in love! I hope they have a long and happy marriage!

Such amazing shots Kristin!!!!!! So gorgeous!

Thank you Lauren!! xox

Beautiful job bestie!! Ofcourse the light comes out at the end. I love the bridesmaids pics and their dresses! Very well done.

Dreams come true! So wonderful!

Wow. Just wow. Could this be any more incredible?? Simply Beautiful!

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