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September 12, 2013 /

Tarah & Jonathan's Wedding at ThunderHawk Golf Club


Tarah & Jonathan are the type of people movies and love stories are written about. Which is so fitting for these two writers from Orange County, California. A Midsummer Night’s Dream theme unfolded as all the little details Tarah loved turned into reality. Faeries and butterflies, moss and rustic branches, skeleton keys and locks, wands, birds, and nests. All the perfect little details to create a truly fairy tale-esque affair. The lacy romantic gown Tarah wore with the perfect birdcage veil blew me away. The mismatched blush pink bridesmaids dresses were so thoughtfully chosen. The baby’s breath worn in all the girls’ hair was spot on. And a handsome groom, Tarah’s prince Jonathan, was no exception to the perfection. This was truly one of the most gorgeous weddings I’ve had the honor of shooting.

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More beautiful than imagined! Creating this fairy tale was so fun! Tarah and Jonathan couldn’t be more perfect for one another!

Kristin you’re pictures tell the story like it was a real live fairytale! Love love……

Um Hello, Gorgeous! I am speechless. Just gorgeous. Amazing.

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