Sydney & Paul’s St Vincent de Paul and Ravenswood Event Center Chicago wedding day was full of so much excitement! A day that started in nothing but sunshine and blue skies, quickly turned into downpours right after the ceremony. Luckily, I’m full of improvisational skills with an optimistic attitude to turn lemons into lemonade! We took a detour from our original plan, and opted for rain free photos inside DePaul’s Library. Afterwards, we gained access to Ravenswood’s industrial ballroom for the couple to have a little alone time, before taking them out into the rain for an epic portrait! The couple’s party game was strong at REC, with dinner on the 2nd floor, and dancing (with Paul’s light up kicks) in the atrium. So happy with how everything turned out for this beautiful couple! Many thanks to Misha at Nouvelle Events for her coordination skills which were on point!