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"Magen's Bay - Hailed as one of the world's most beautiful beaches". And now I know why. HOLY GORGEOUS! What's so amazing is not just the beautiful, calm, turquoise waters, the sparkling white sand, or the incredible views, but how serene it is! This place was so breathtaking. Wh
Anahit & Hayk's wedding was spectacular, so I thought it would be pretty difficult to top. However, the day after session was what I was really looking forward to, because portraits of the Bride and Groom is my favorite part of the wedding day! And even better, IN PARIS! Of c
If you missed Patsy & Zach's amazing wedding, please check that out FIRST. These two posts are such a feast for the eyes -- I can't stop staring at them. Sessions and couples like this make me WANT to blog (which is no easy feat) just so I can share all the gorgeousness with