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Honeymoon sessions are my new favorite thing! With Paris as your backdrop, it's a million times better! I was so fortunate to be able to meet up with Ilya & Lauren during their 6 month honeymoon, and caught them while in the city of love. Helena of Art'Anna Weddings coordinat
Combine a gorgeous girl who literally looks like a Disney princess + perfect light + one of my favorite locations in the North Shore and you get THIS. Absolute heaven. And who says bridal shoots have to include your wedding dress?! Not us! Jasmine opted for a couple flowy dresses
Half Moon Bay is a place that simply makes my heart happy. The green, lush cliffs overlooking the crashing waves below; there is nothing more serene and peaceful. This is the perfect thinking spot, and I can't wait to go back! Featured on Hochzeitsguide.
"Europe has many flavors but this bridal shoot embraces its romantic and timeless allure. With a garden setting that promises sunlight and ample space, this bride uses the location to run carefree and let her smile and style consume the lens. This is a classic bride who isn’t afr